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Our Ingredients Philosophy

We are committed to relentlessly researching, testing, and choosing the most advanced, innovative ingredients to create the delicious candy you know and love while kicking as many grams of sugar per bag as possible.

Our Pinky Promise

Feel Good About Candy

We love candy too! But we don’t love all the excessive sugar or artificial sweeteners in other sweets. Our pinky promise to you is delicious candy with:

Up to 92% less sugar per 50g verses the leading traditional candy equivalents

No artificial sweeteners

Only 1-4 grams of sugar per serving

No added sugar

No sugar alcohols (erythritol, maltitol, sorbitol and xylitol)

Smartly sweetened with high-quality stevia

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Setting A New Standard

Radically Less Sugar

SmartSweets makes the delicious candy you know and love with up to 92% less sugar per 50g versus the leading traditional candy equivalents! Our pinky promise to you is delicious candy with no artificial sweeteners, added sugar or sugar alcohols.

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Each Type of Sugar Counts

Our nutritional information tests for many types of sugar such as Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose, Lactose, Maltose, Galactose, and Isomaltose. Why does this matter? If we didn’t test sugar this way, we could be under-declaring our sugar content by as much as 3 times!.

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The Sweet Benefits of Fiber

Fiber plays a key role in digestive health and helps you feel full for longer. We swap out the sugar with approved sources of dietary fiber in many of our candy recipes, so you can feel good about eating it.