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This year, sweet things are in store for you! Snack on the delicious candy you know and love with up to 92% less sugar than traditional candy. Available at stores nationwide. No resolutions required!

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  • Cola Gummies Pouch
  • Caramels Pouch
  • Fruity Gummy Bears Pouch
  • Gummy Worms Pouch
  • Peach Rings Pouch
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  • Sweet Fish Pouch
  • Sourmelon Bites Pouch
  • Red Twists Pouch
  • SmartSweets lollipops pouch
  • Peach Rings Pouch
  • Sour Blast Buddies Pouch

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and Love

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Colored with Fruit
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Build a Box of Your Dreams!

Customize a box with your fav sweet and sour candy and have it shipped straight to your doorstep.

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Sourmelon Bite
Sourmelon Bite
Sourmelon Bite

I ate the whole bag! You would 
have no idea these had so little sugar in them! Delicious!! The ratio was perfect for sour to sweet! 
Will definitely buy again!

Elizabeth O.

It's so nice to finally have gummies that taste good and are good!

Melissa H.

I can't go back to regular peach rings after SmartSweets!

Rachel M.

Great texture and flavor! Definitely a sweet experience.

Donald M.

Woman making sour face while holding Sourmelon Bite

SmartSweets vs. Traditional Candy*

Sweet Fish pouch








Net carbs

The other fish








Net Carbs

* SmartSweets Sweet Fish 50g verses leading traditional candy equivalent 

Green Apple SmartSweets Jolly Gem™
Sourmelon Bite
Blue Sour Blast Buddy
Yellow Green Gummy Worm
Peach Ring
Red Gummy Bear
Clear Gummy Bear
Red Twist

"Launching a company at such a young age has taught her to believe that anything is possible in life."

“SmartSweets is taking the Sugar out of the Candy Industry”

“This Former Candy Addict Is Trying to Wean People Off Sugar, One Gummy Bear at a Time.”

“Actress Nina Dobrev joins low-sugar candy company investment round.”

Peach Rings pouch, Sour blast Buddies pouch, Sourmelon Bites pouch

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