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What are SmartSweets sweetened with?

SmartSweets are sweetened with plant-based, non-gmo stevia. Stevia is a low-glycemic sweetener extracted from leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. It provides great tasting calorie-free sweetness. We proudly use no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners in SmartSweets. 


How is there 28g of fiber in every bag? Where does it come from?

SmartSweets gummies are packed with natural and GMO-free fibre from plant-based chicory root and tapioca! Both are soluble fibre sources that keep your insides healthy, while slowing the digestion of our candy, allowing you to feel fuller longer.


Are SmartSweets non-GMO, gluten-free and allergen friendly?

Yes! SmartSweets ingredients are proudly non-GMO, gluten-free and allergen friendly. Our products are made in a dedicated gluten, peanut, tree-nut, dairy, soy and casein free-facility.


What is Carnauba Wax?

Great question! Carnauba Wax is a natural renewable resource used as a coating for our gummy bears. It is grown in Brazil and is harvested from the leaves of the Carnauba palm. The wax is harvested using traditional procedures that doesn't damage the trees. Fun fact: the use of carnauba wax creates an economic incentive to keep the trees standing.


Once opened, how long do SmartSweets last?

We proudly have no preservatives or additives in SmartSweets. Because our products are made with natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives, once opened the gummy bears will begin to harden if left exposed to air. When sealed, SmartSweets are shelf-stable for 1 year.


Are SmartSweets plant-based?

Our Fruity and Sour Gummy Bears both contain gelatin, but for our latest and greatest innovations, we decided to kick gelatin too! Creating the first ever 100% plant based #KickSugar candy- Sweet Fish and Sour Blast Buddies! 🌱


Are SmartSweets kosher?

Our Fruity and Sour Gummy Bears both contain pork based gelatin, and out Sweet Fish and Sour Blast Buddies are gelatin free (pork free) but not kosher.


Does your candy impact blood sugar levels?

We have found that everyones' bodies function differently, so blood sugar response is very individual. We encourage you to chat with your doctor if you have any questions about an individuals blood sugar response. We are consistently iterating to create the best possible #KickSugar candy for you and we're currently receipe testing new formulas to improve the experience for all.


Are SmartSweets keto or diabetic friendly?

While our candy works for many people on many diets, we do not claim to be diabetic, or keto-friendly, and encourage you to try SmartSweets and determine what works best with your dietary requirements.

How do you choose what ingredients to use in SmartSweets products?

Everything is informed by our mission to Kick Sugar. We are committed to using nothing artificial and all of our ingredients are non GMO. As the food world evolves we are constantly iterating looking for new ways to offer you the best #KickSugar candy possible. Stay tuned for sweet innovations coming your way!